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SAVEDMy Testimony
A Trinity of Supernatural Jesus Encounters

The First Visit – Jesus, the Airplane and the Star
Little did I know as I boarded an evening flight from Newark, New Jersey to Tampa, Florida that my life was about to change. Traveling with my friend Nancy, we took off for a quick sunny get away. About halfway into the flight Nancy fell off to sleep, I was just chilling out pondering life, when all of sudden with every fiber of my being, I felt the presence of Jesus. As a non-practicing Jewish woman from New York City I really didn’t know much at all about Jesus, so this was a moment deep into the realm of uncharted territory to say the least. As I felt the presence of Jesus I was directed by an inner guidance to look out the window, looking out, I saw a bright white star directly outside the window, as I stared at the star, what began was a direct conversation with Jesus, between him and my heart. He asked questions about what was in my heart, what I thought would bring happiness, each question building on the other. This conversation was intimate beyond anything words can describe. When the conversation finished, I was left with a peace and comfort, a feeling of calm unconditional love, that now things would be ok. When the conversation was over my logical mind searched for where that star could have come from, a light, a reflection, another airplane, what!? but I could find nothing, it was purely a star. Later that night after we landed, I googled Jesus and star, the images that popped up took my breath away, the star I had seen was the shape of the Bethlehem Star. I could not even process this, an encounter that felt more real than anything I had ever experienced, and yet part of my mind was thinking I must be making this up or I’ve lost my mind. But no matter, that gentle peace and comfort stayed, I was different now, Jesus was with me. For the next few months I thought about what had happened and started researching Christianity, but my analytical mind still doubted what had taken place. Without many Christian friends that I knew of, and being fearful to share because of the supernatural content, I was coming up short on answers…

The Second Visit – Jesus Reaches in, Grabs me and Saves me
Two months later
Rushing and walking as fast as possible, I knew I couldn’t afford to be late in tidying up my friend Joanna’s apartment in New York City before getting to New Jersey for a work project, I’d been pet sitting while Joanna was away on vacation. It was a long walk all the way from downtown at the Chelsea Piers complex, I’d finally turned the corner and made it to her street on West 31st, just another block or so to go…passing by the church on her street, still at a galloping pace, when all of a sudden I was literally halted in my tracks. What felt like an invisible force stopped me and was prompting me to go inside. The dialogue in my head said whoa… can’t do this, I’m late, what do I know about church, can’t just walk in, this is crazy! I then looked at the schedule posted on the building, a service had just started, again my mind said no have to go, but at that very moment, a gentle force of seemingly limitless magnitude, reached out and literally pulled me in to the church. I complied and went in the beautiful building, there I was inside, being drawn to a place to sit, the atmosphere felt loving and safe. The service began, and a few minutes later the presence of Jesus was right before me, this time I recognized Him right away, we spoke once again through my heart, as I shared deeply, tears flowed, I began to weep and could not stop, all the pain in my heart was pouring out in the raw truth of my sharing. When our exchange finished, I felt Jesus firmly planted in my heart. I stayed for the remainder of the service, when it was over there was a sort of relief, amazement and disbelief, again not knowing how to process any of this. I left and checked the time, it had hardly changed, I was late before, and just about the same late afterwards. I went back on my way rushing to the apartment and tidying up. It would be cutting it close time-wise to take the train back to NJ, so I called an Uber…

The Angel Uber Driver
Sedrak the Uber driver found me through the busy street full of honking cars outside of Joanna’s apartment, as we navigated out of the city, we made small talk, he was from the Middle East and had moved to NYC with his family. I was hoping for a light traffic day to make it to work on time, but traffic wasn’t the issue, once we made it through the tunnel to NJ, he took a wrong turn, and our conversation turned as well, he started talking to me about Jesus. Sedrak was a Muslim from Egypt who had turned to Jesus and converted to Christianity, I could not believe we were having this discussion just after my experience in the church, but then our conversation began to unfold into mind blowing…he said to me he had the gift of prophesy, he told me stories of his experiences of helping others with this gift. Sedrak then began to repeat back to me what I had just shared with Jesus in the church, he said my heart would be OK now because Jesus was with me, I burst into tears, how could this be? how could this stranger know what had taken place earlier? So there I am sitting in the back of an Uber completely lost in NJ, as tears filled with reverence pour down my face, with the clear understanding that this Uber driver was sent by God to pick me up. Sedrak then says to me, he was not scheduled to work this day, it was his day off, but the Lord had sent him with a clear message go to work, there is one important ride today. He then told me to read 1 Samuel, there is a passage where Hannah pours out her heart to God as she speaks to him through her heart and He hears!. This explained exactly how I had communicated with Jesus. With that and me speechless we found our way and actually made it on time. When we arrived, Sedrak asked if we could pray, it was the first time anyone had ever asked me that, I was filled with a sense of sweetness by this offer, and said yes!, we prayed, hugged, still tears in my eyes as he told me “you are my sister”. Sedrak drove away and I went off to work, nothing would ever be the same. There could never again be one ounce of doubt in my spirit, soul, mind or body, that Jesus had reached in, grabbed me, Saved me, and thanks to an angel Uber driver showed me it was all real beyond the shadow of any doubt!

The Third Visit – Jesus, the Kitchen and the Star
One month later
My former office is in a church that no longer serves as a church, there is a big kitchen just outside of my office. I felt a call to the kitchen window and looked out, there was the same star that had appeared on the flight, Jesus again spoke to me through my heart, when we were done, the star moved away at a very slow speed until disappearing into the far away night sky. This was the visit that brought me even closer to the Lord as He planted His call on my life, I knew now the only path going forward would be the sharing of His message…

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!
2 Corinthians 5:17

The Infinite Power of Christ’s Love
To be re-created in Christ puts me in a constant state of daily awe, that I am a child of God, never knowing life could be so full with unconditional love. The magnitude of this unwavering force has transformed everything, wondering how I made it through so much life without knowing this infinite gift was always there waiting. Throughout this journey, Jesus has walked alongside, teaching step by step while continually engaging me in His supernatural ways. He has led on a pathway of love, as miracles unfolded over and over before my very eyes. The wish for this testimony and the message of miracles is to lift up others far and wide, according to His will, and to shout out to the world God loves YOU!